Why New Leaf Marketing Solutions?

New Leaf Marketing Solutions was founded on the idea that high-value content is the way to win the hearts and minds of audiences. There’s almost too much information available today, which creates confusion for people simply looking for solid insights. Because so many companies seem to care more about shouting louder than everyone else on the internet rather than providing useful information, it’s hard for people to connect with good companies.

We believe that needs to change, and content marketing is the key.

Our team brings decades of content strategy, content marketing, and digital marketing experience to the table. With backgrounds ranging from magazine and newspaper journalism to Fortune 50 B2B marketing, we know how to connect people to brands with content and storytelling.

We’re a small content agency, and we like it that way. Our size and expertise gives us the advantage of moving quickly and building real relationships with every partner. Whether you’re just starting to figure out how to grow your business or need extra muscle for your internal marketing resources, it’s our goal to support other small businesses and startups looking to make a big impact.

Brandi Johnson


Brandi brings over 18 years of digital marketing and content marketing experience, working with clients from individual business owners to Fortune 50 companies. From her early days of building segmented, measurable email marketing campaigns to serving as the VP of Marketing for a leading international SaaS company, she believes in the power of good marketing to change the trajectory of a business.

She has assembled a team of highly experienced content writers, photographers, designers, developers, and editors to provide best-in-class marketing and content strategy and implementation services for an exclusive roster of clients8

John Arkontaky

Content Strategist and Editor in Chief

John got his first kiss while writing his name in crayon at pre-school. And even though that innocent girl made little John cross for bumping his elbow in the middle of a perfect “O,” a love for the written word has grown from that moment to this day.

For over 17 years, John’s journey across writing, editing, and content strategy has brought him everywhere from Silicon Valley tech to New York City magazines. He’s worked in everything from video games to supply chain to dentistry to the metaverse — telling stories that elevate brands and move customers along the buyer journey.

As the New Leaf Content Strategist and Editor-in-Chief, John wants to find the content that connects companies to hungry consumers. It really is that simple! (Even if an elbow gets bumped along the way.)

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