Our Strategy and Content Marketing Process

There are a lot of marketing agencies out there, and everyone is doing their best to look like the prettiest peacock to win your business. Some are eager to show off their complex marketing machine adorned with fancy terminology and supersized PowerPoint presentations. Others are more than happy to take your business without showing you how the sausage is made at all. 

We’re not judging. But, we know that going too hot or too cold on details can be confusing for you. We know because we were on your side of things before we launched New Leaf Marketing Services. 

So let’s try something different. We want you to be comfortable. That means not going overboard with high-falutin strategem or keeping our cards close to the chest. We’ll explain what we do in plain english without taking too much of your time, and hopefully you can make a more informed decision about your marketing partner.

Here it is: The ingredients to our everlasting gobstopper. The Rosetta Stone to our content marketing hieroglyphics. Let’s crack open this book’s cover to see what’s inside.

The Mile-High View

New Leaf Marketing Solutions runs a five-step approach to content marketing that finds the sweet spot between cutting corners and taking the scenic route to results. It covers client-agency alignment, research, content creation, amplifying content visibility, and measuring success.

The Details


Align & Content Strategy

Here’s step one. We build all our relationships on top of a content strategy. The primary goal of the strategy is to draw a clear line between your audience, content marketing, and your goals. 

During this process, we cover:
  • Building a vision for your content
  • Aligning business goals to your strategy
  • Defining your audience / customer intent, challenges, and need
  • Voice & tone
  • Opportunities for your website and existing content 
  • Opportunities for search engine optimization
  • Reviewing and syncing other marketing activities with content marketing

The content strategy built during this process sets us up to put purpose behind every project. No wasted movement. And we revisit the strategy as your needs change, because they often do!


Research for Content Marketing

For step two, we do behind-the-scenes work so we’re not creating useless materials. With the content strategy guiding our efforts, it’s time to build content marketing programs that hit the bullseye. How? There are two main things we study: 

  • Your audience’s challenges and intent when they search the web
  • What’s going on with search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords

Understanding what you’re audience is researching and why — whether they’re looking for information or are ready to make a purchase — directly informs the topics we cover. Knowing what’s going on with SEO helps us optimize your content so people can find it. 

It’s science! Just kidding. But it is a tangled ball of yarn you probably don’t want to assign to your own team. Thankfully we love yarn, and hand-made socks!


Create Great Content

Step three: get cookies. Step three-and-a-half: write. Thanks to our trusty content strategy and research, we already know what to write and how to put it in position to succeed. Now all we need to do is create content that entertains, informs, and moves your audience to action in an age where social media notifications buzz like gnats in a Louisiana swamp and Netflix puts out new bingeables like they’re on an assembly line. (The cookies really help.)

But not to worry, we’ve been doing this our entire professional lives. From articles to whitepapers and eBooks, our content weaves a cohesive story that builds. With the combined forces of thought leadership from within your organization, well-researched industry perspectives, and cookie-fueled wordsmithing, we create compelling content worthy of your audience’s attention. 


Amplify Your Content

At this point you’ll have incredible materials ready to dazzle the world. Now what? Hitting publish and calling it quits could be enough. It could also lead to your content being the best-kept secrets on the web. (It’s not as glorious as it sounds.) 

We need to create a groundswell. With an amplification strategy, we increase visibility for each piece of content. This could be through social sharing, email campaigns, link sharing with companies or influencers in your industry, syndication with  publications, or a multi-channel mixture of these concepts. 


Measure Content Marketing Results

To close the loop on our process, we measure. Hope isn’t a strategy, so our content marketing strategy doesn’t end after we publish. The performance of each piece and your overall content marketing program feeds directly into our content strategy, optimizations for existing materials, and future projects. 

Reporting depends on the content and your goals. It may include organic traffic, keyword rankings, form fills, inbound links from external websites, or other metrics. If you’re not a numbers person, don’t worry. We’ll pull out key takeaways and show you opportunities we see in the data. 

After we’re on the same page, we’ll repeat the process. Piece of cake! 

Thanks for sticking around and learning more about the method behind the madness. Since you’re still here, drop us a line! We want to learn about your growth needs and discuss how content marketing can help.