Strategies for content marketing

Strategies for content marketing are different for everyone. But, there are overlaps you can learn from to filter out what does and doesn’t work for your own content. 

That’s why we built a report that cues up the best examples of content marketing from successful content marketing operations. We surveyed small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to learn: 

  • What types of content marketing materials work
  • How often they post fresh content 
  • Platforms for content marketing publishing 
  • KPIs and metrics for content marketing 
  • What they need to improve content marketing
  • And more.

We also know that it’s important to learn from failure. Marketing is all about trial and error, after all. So, we included lessons from less successful content marketing operations as well. In the end, our survey report offers the statistics and analysis to help you build a smarter strategy for content marketing. 

Strategies for content marketing

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